Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside...

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It has been too cold for playing outside for an extended period, I draw the line at freezing. Above 32 we are bundled up and out walking and running and swinging. I have a hard time with the 20s, can't see the point in trying with the teens, and don't even want to think about what we're going to do when we soon hit the single digits. (Not far below 32 its really too cold to even snow, which takes a whole dimension of fun away.) But, it has been a challenge to think of enough to do inside to replace what we are usually doing outside. Yesterday I brought in the riding toys, that was a huge hit! The tight space makes good practice for backing up and steering :-).

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April said...

Oh my, Jack is getting soo big! Glad you are updating again. :)
It has been ridiculously cold here as well! I set up a sensory tub inside using their water/sand table from outside. I used dry kernels of corn and threw in some of their digging toys (shovels,bucket,little trucks). I put it on top of an old blanket and when they are done, I just pick up the blanket and pour it back in. Our sand table has a lid so when they are not using it, I put the top back on so they are not making a mess with it. That has been a pretty big hit around here. Stay warm!!

*if you are afraid of Hugh choking on the corn, you could use something more baby friendly. Lentils or rice maybe? Although I bet the rice would make a big mess. The options are endless!